I design and make art on knowledge, identity, fantasy, and global issues. I explore the possibilities of our futures, the self-expression and range of the arts, and our ability to grow and consume through learning. I primarily focus on digital new media (interactive, music, photo/video) and other new modes (board games, contemporary sculpture) to capture my imagination about and conduct research on our self-expression and our sociopolitical future. As I consider myself to be a fluid person, I hope this website is able to capture some snapshots of my dynamic (or not-so-dynamic!) life.


Art has the power to transform emotions, perspectives, and thus reality. A society needs freedom of creative expression to maximize how it can communicate culturally, produce economically, and exist sustainably. On a personal level, I am inspired by artworks and experiences that engage and attempt to take me to a place or reality I have never yet been. Despite my love of art and interactive entertainment, I attempt to take a critical approach to issues and aesthetics, hopefully broadening my understanding. Thus, through my practice and work I explore and help others explore a shared sense of humanity, by investigating the colors (limits, roots, depths, and possibilities) of the human condition in whatever context may be necessary, with an emphasis on digital technology.  I attempt to shape information, 3D spaces, imagination, play, and multimedia, into new forms, often connecting these ideas to society, to my personal life, or across art media.  As I continue to explore new realms and ideas, my approach is often perceived as growth-oriented — chaotic yet purposeful. By infusing both fantasy and meaning, I hope to expand how we see our current selves as social and individual beings in our current and future lives. As a result, I am an advocate for the diversity within and among individuals, hoping to expand the inquiry-based and life-revitalizing potential of artistry and aesthetics through creative exploration, experimentation, and development.


I am currently a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University in the Art and Art Education program where he is beginning to investigate a variety of research interests. In 2014, I received an M.A. in Education, Instructional Technologies from San Francisco State University and helped the University of California, San Francisco produce medical education material for the MOOC provider, Coursera and develop assets for other instructional design projects. I grew up playing piano competitively, initially starting undergrad as a music major at the University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music.  Eventually, I switched to the Interactive Entertainment program at the School of Cinematic Arts as part of the pioneering games program.

As a result of my early media-rich experiences, I became interested in information, learning, visualization, and new forms of aesthetic presentation and interaction.  I am also invested in futures and the ever increasing complexity of simulated intelligence and our society.


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