Andrew Corpuz

Designer, Artist, Futurist

I design digital media products for a more open and livable world.


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List of Skills:

Presentation & Information Design

I create information visualizations from various data.

UX & Interaction Design

I create friendly, easy-to-use, and engaging user experiences.

Instructional Design

I can scaffold for learning.

Creativity Support & Development

I aid the development and growth of others’ creative goals.

Games & Gamification

I can scaffold information and sequences to empower and strengthen users.

New Media, Digital Art, & Code

I create pieces that subvert how we think about media and society.

Strategy & Strategic Planning

I can derive high-level plans for organizations and media.

Futures and Foresight

I generate future scenarios and assess future possibilities by analyzing trends and surveying information.

Research & Writing

I conduct a wide variety of qualitative and mixed methodologies and can distill complex information into simple, understandable terms.