Creativity Forum


Creativity Forum was a prototype of an online learning hub website where users could peruse articles and videos, engage in online and offline activities, and find community in order to learn more about creativity and possibly enhance their own.

I organized the website into five different ways to induce creativity, stemming from research. There were different activities in each section with which a user could participate.

Creativity Forum was a part of my Master’s Thesis.



Professionals who were interested in the subject and were interested in exploring ways to boost their creativity.


Challenges & Successes

Successes: I was successful in drawing from a range of research to create a repertoire of activities that encourage creative thinking. creativity, a variety of methods of delivery (video, static). I was also pleased to wrangle Drupal into something that had structure and was participatory.

Challenges: User feedback occurred late in the process. Due to the project timeline and content scope, I was unable to make significant modifications to the content in response to user feedback. This was a lesson that showed the potential benefit of doing user analysis with data collection earlier in the design process rather than later, so that response to content and design could be gauged more easily before more of the content was developed.