For many interactive products, user interface design aims to increase reach and accessibility; this research exploration adds some challenge by hiding information that may indicate how to progress.

As a form of visual research, “Research Exploration” investigates and reflects the process of creating immersive, interactive media art about the future.¬† The project was developed in tandem with and as a reflection of my own research into the topic, looking at artists such as Char Davies.

The interface clues and presentation are intended to be mysterious, so as to reflect the discovery nature of research, through which the researcher needs to find and even create patterns to enter into deeper stages of inquiry.  Like many games and research, the experience is intended to produce some degree of confusion and frustration while not being overt in such intentions.

As a result, the experience is not something that can be played quickly; users need to experiment and explore to progress further.

Try out “Research Exploration” via the link below.