Andrew Corpuz

Designer, Artist, Musician, Global Futurist

Welcome to my personal website.

You may view a design/art portfolio, my org, or music (coming soon).

My Roles and Details

Games and Digital Designer

The medium and the craft of my soul, and the way to engage others.

I am a designer of the artist mind who uses interactive experiences to engage others.

I have always gravitated towards play and self-expression. As such, I use games and other interactive experiences are mediums that embrace play in a way that can be shared with others.

In recent years, there have been many developments in HCI and design that have focused on improving the user experience. Consequently, I consider psychological concepts such as agency, learning, and motivation to scaffold and cater experiences to users. I also consider alternatives to usual design practices, such as thinking about games for social change, focusing on other emotions besides fun, or the differing roles between designer and user/player.

I see technology as a way to facilitate and accelerate advancements in both the craft of interaction design and user experience. However, with my background in art, I see technology as a tool to support a medium, rather than necessarily an end in of itself.

Utopian Futurist

My positionality and hopes

As a kid, I read almanacs and studied maps for pleasure. I had an inherent connection to globality and the interconnectedness of the human species. Through my life experiences, I developed an affinity to celebrating the individual while also thinking about how to reduce suffering in different societies long-term. I developed an appreciation for perspectives, strategies, and solutions to large-scale issues that were well thought-out but overlooked.

In another realm of mind, I am brimming with ideas constantly. I am using my imagination not only to think of new and immersive visual worlds, but also to move in abstract concepts and systems-thinking.

When I put these two channels of interest together, I am constantly thinking about how the world could be different to create healthier outcomes for all while also pushing humanity into new adventures and horizons. Resultantly, I am constantly questioning and re-imagining power structures, while growing a better understanding of what makes us human. Thus, in my pursuit of futures, I also think about human origins and why it’s important to preserve some sense of these traditions and practices as part of our lineage and story.


The spirit, background, and interest

I grew up as a musician, studying classical piano and musical theory. As I got older, I would make my own music inspired by many genres, including electronic, classical, world, and indie pop.

Even when not interacting with or making music, my background colors much of how I see the world and interface with ideas. For example, I enjoy conceiving concepts as structured systems with order and ranking that can be experimented played around with. Similarly, I seek to observe, understand, and question ontologies of how societies and people operate. I understand language as a method that forms how we enter and construct our world.