Academic Integrity Pre-Arrival Tutorial


Pre-Arrival Tutorial is a mini Canvas-based course that contains a variety of learning activities. Many of these activities were interactive scenarios that were produced in Adobe Captivate and embedded into the course.



I collaborated with the faculty to produce or modify existing learning elements such as assessments, course structure, and flow, as well as creating/designing new pages (with HTML).



Thousands of incoming Columbia University undergraduate students.


Challenges & Successes

It was a fun and ambiguous challenge to collaborate in the creation of fictional yet realistic scenarios. Scenarios needed to be both captivating and include only necessary information (e.g. no irrelevant information to the cause of an academic violation) to keep students’ focus on academic integrity.

It was also a challenge to ensure students did not experience technical issues when engaging with the embedded technology (Adobe Captivate). To reduce obstacles in the user experience, the scenarios and choices were written and designed in a way that allowed users to learn about the desired academic behavior and functionally progress through the scenario no matter the users’ interactive choices.