An improvisation guidebook for the music classroom.


Eureka is a guidebook for faculty who run music ear training courses. The project was a collaboration of faculty, design, video production, and engineering. 



Faculty needed a digital guide that they could easily use in the classroom.

  • Busy with a lot on their mind; different faculty to easily be able to find the content they need on beckon
  • Ease of editing and expandable (content needed to be easily uploaded and managed)


Challenges & Successes

There was a desire from multiple stakeholders to create a more immersive or mysterious experience; however, the learning goal (on behalf of the intended user) as well as the faculty’s practical need to use the tool in the classroom lended to a different design.

The main faculty was able to solicit feedback from other faculty to increase its use.



As a learning designer, I was the liaison between faculty and the other teams and ensured the project delivered on its learning goals. I acted as the product owner on our organization’s side to help the faculty scope the project and manage its outcomes.