In conjunction with the growth of the new Creative Technologies Concentration/Certificate, the Art and Art Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University wanted to create a space at which future educators could obtain a cutting-edge skillset in digital technologies for creative purposes.

As the Thingspace Research Fellow & Studio Manager, I collaborated with faculty and TC staff to renovate an existing traditional sculpture studio into a sculpture and digital fabrication studio known as Thingspace. Thingspace houses many traditional sculpture tools (woodworking, casting & molding of soft materials, metalworking, craft materials) as well as digital fabrication (3d printers, laser cutter, CNC machines) and electronics.

I also created the original version of the Thingspace website, where many resources, branding, and practical information used to reside.

Additionally, I hosted multiple workshops with youth and adults, and created many learning and safety guides for creative tool use.

Shots of the renovated space

Images of students working and from workshops

Images pre-renovation